Long COVID Patient with ED Sees Resolution with Tollovid®

Long COVID Patient with ED Sees Resolution with Tollovid®

Symptoms Include: Fatigue, Insomnia, Brain Fog, Joint Pain, Dizziness, and Erectile Dysfunction

A case study from a patient with Long Haulers who was recommended Tollovid by their physician Dr. Lee Morgentaler.

Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC), as known as "Long Haulers", is a major public health problem. Todos Medical reports a case of breakthrough PASC and its resolution following a course of the 3CL protease inhibitor dietary supplement Tollovid®.

A 33-year-old male in top physical shape presented COVID-19 like symptoms of fatigue and loss of short term memory in mid-March 2020. The patient is a personal trainer and EMT that was 5’6” and weighed in at 135lbs. He was in top physical shape before COVID-19 and was able to run 3 miles in 20 minutes, bench press 225 lbs., dead lift 415 lbs., and squat 300 lbs. He worked out at least 5 days a week and went hiking. He and his family had no underlying medical conditions or allergies. The most likely source of infection was from the gym. The first symptom was the unexplained inability to run or lift weights and some occasional sneezing. The second symptom of short term memory loss coupled with dizziness appeared a couple of days after fatigue set in. The patient gained 25 lbs. in the next two weeks thinking that food would help him get better. The feasting didn’t work and then the patient resorted to intermittent fasting to get back down to his starting weight. Constant fatigue and memory loss and dizziness persisted for almost two years.

Despite the fatigue, dizziness, and loss of short-term memory, the patient returned to work in June 2020. He was a private fitness trainer and could only do 2 sessions a week due to chest pains from exertion. There was no change in his condition until his second vaccination shot. He received the first Pfizer shot on April 14, 2021 without any side effects beyond his base line status. On May 5, 2021 he received his second Pfizer vaccination shot. Three weeks later he was hospitalized for chest pain and an inability to breath. The patient believed that this was post vaccine injury. Once in the hospital, tests were done on his EKG and blood and consistent with his baseline before contracting his first case of COVID-19. The hospital did not administer a COVID-19 test. His symptoms after the three-day hospital stay were fatigue, dizziness, and memory loss.

In October 2021 the patient believes he contracted the Delta Variant. His wife tested COVID-19 positive and he had COVID-19-like symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, worse fatigue, joint pain, and erectile dysfunction. One week after contracting COVID-19 he experienced left quadrant pain in his abdomen and successfully treated it with a colon rinse. His primary symptoms of fatigue, short-term memory loss, joint pain, and erectile dysfunction persisted.

The patient started a regimen of Tollovid Daily on February 14, 2022. He took 2 Tollovid Daily capsules for 30 days, but his symptoms completely resolved in 3 days. His baseline on February 14, 2022 consisted of being able to work out 2 times per week, but continued to suffer from fatigue, memory loss, joint pain, and erectile dysfunction. He was unable to do simple things like walking his dog. After 3 days of treatment his fatigue subsided, his memory improved, the joint pain dissipated, and his erectile dysfunction was resolved. He returned to his baseline routine of working out 5 times a week and taking his 2 year-old dog for walks. He no longer is treating himself for any Long COVID symptoms.

This case study reveals that even a small dosage of Tollovid Daily could be used to treat Long COVID. Given the quick and durable result more studies should be investigated in Long COVID. A major weakness of the study is the absence of a PCR positive COVID-19 test. The interesting part of this case study is related to the apparent vaccine injury that the patient suffered through. It has been documented in journal articles that a vaccine given during active COVID-19 infection could result in more severe disease. The presence of Long COVID followed by the second vaccination seems to support the theory that some cases of Long COVID are due to viral persistence. The delayed onset of the vaccine injury can be explained by low viral levels of viral persistence followed by a cytokine storm that led to hospitalization. The quick rebound to the pre-COVID baseline suggests that Tollovid was able to have a durable impact on the patient.

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