Acute & Long COVID Patient Sees Resolution with Tollovid®

Acute & Long COVID Patient Sees Resolution with Tollovid®

Symptoms Include: Fatigue, Joint Pain, Fever, Clammy Hands, and Vision Issues

A case study from a patient with Long Haulers who was recommended Tollovid by their physician Dr. Lee Morgentaler.

Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC), as known as "Long Haulers", is a major public health problem. Todos Medical reported the outcome from a sponsored case study overseen by Dr. Lee Morgentaler in concert with Andrew A. Blumenthal, RN ADS of a patient who was experiencing symptoms of Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID (PASC, or “Long COVID”) and subsequently was likely reinfected with SARS-CoV-2 virus and saw resolution of both pathologies following intervention with Tollovid®.


The subject is a 32-year-old, 5’ 9”, 146 pound female. She describes her pre-COVID baseline as healthy and fit. She attended 3 – 4 weekly fitness classes consisting of yoga, boxing, or running 2-4 miles.  By report, subject was vaccinated with the JNJ vaccine on March 6, 2021. No adverse reactions were noted.

On December 18, 2021 the subject tested COVID-19 positive via an antigen lateral flow test.  She experienced low-grade fever, chills and body aches for 2 days before extreme fatigue set in. She lost 7 lbs in 1 week.  On December 27, 2021 her symptoms resolved and she was able to work remotely. 

In March 2022 the subject experienced prodromal cold symptoms for a period of 2 weeks after which the symptoms more fully developed as she experienced profound fatigue, mild fever, flushed cheeks, clammy hands, and burning eyes.  The unexplained symptoms prompted a visit to her primary healthcare provider who thought she either had thyroid issues or vitamin D deficiency.  Pending bloodwork, the subject took the prescribed vitamin D supplementation and, over a period of two weeks, her symptoms ameliorated. Subsequent serology exams revealed the thyroid was functioning within normal parameters. 

The subject accompanied 8 companions on a 2-day trip to Mexico.  Four of the eight companions tested COVID-19 positive 2 days after returning to the United States.  On May 3, 2022 the subject exhibited symptoms including, mild fever, clammy hands, burning eyes, and profound fatigue.  She self-administered 2 rapid lateral flow antigen tests with a follow-up PCR test. Each test resulted negative for  COVID-19.  On May 7, 2022 the subject used an infrared sauna to detox and felt better the next day but the symptoms returned on May 9, 2022.  The extreme fatigue made it impossible to work out as she had done in the past.      

On May 20, 2022 the subject started a regimen of Tollovid Maximum Strength. She took 12 Tollovid capsules daily for 5 days, and saw her symptoms completely resolve in 3 – 4 days.

This case study suggests there was underlying COVID-19 disease pathology not detected by traditional antigen and PCR tests. In March 2022, Long COVID symptoms developed as her immune system was actively trying to rid the body of pathogen.  In May 2022, the subject was likely exposed to COVID-19 and then showed signs of extreme fatigue worse than her prior episode. The subject’s response to Tollovid may indicate viral persistence was the proximal cause of the disease pathogenesis.  This is further evidence that the COVID-19 virus may remain active in hidden reservoirs and flare when presented with an immune challenge.  

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